Unlock Your Brand's Power

Unlock market success with our comprehensive branding solutions. Our expert team guides your leadership through a transformative brand development journey, clarifying your brand's essence, position, and personality.

Whether you are looking for a token launch, reaching new investors, or successfully positioning yourself for the next funding round we scale solutions to get you there.

Drive Growth

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy by bypassing traditional development stages. From funnel design, user acquisition, and social activation, to community nurturing, our team stands by your side every step of the way with our strategic product marketing solutions.

Our innovative approach is powered by meticulous analysis of target markets, competitor products, and key segments. Explore our cutting-edge data-driven solutions for positioning, pricing, and promotion.

Drive Traffic

Capture customer attention and loyalty with expert digital marketing strategies. Elevate your business presence by delving deep to craft a robust brand position. We leave no stone unturned in delivering you with a comprehensive GTM strategy. Partner with us to ensure your brand stays ahead of the competition.

Evolve Your Brand

Craft a distinctive brand strategy for growth that engages customers, employees, and investors.

Our expert team guides your leadership through a transformative journey, clarifying your brand's essence and securing a solid strategy. Elevate your brand's presence with compelling narratives, ensuring an unmatched market position.


Brand Strategy

Unlock the essence of your brand with our structured approach, tailored to your unique needs. Whether face-to-face or remote, we collaborate closely with key stakeholders to delve into the core of your brand. From defining your purpose, vision, and values to shaping your brand personality, voice, and market position, we leave no stone unturned.


Brand Design

By delving deep into your brand's journey, we craft captivating visual identities and compelling storytelling that captivate audiences and elevate market presence. The outcome? A formidable, unmatched brand that strikes a chord with your audience and delivers unparalleled value.


Brand Application

Your brand's new visual identity and messaging come to life, transforming your core products, platforms, and content. We meticulously ensure that every customer touchpoint embodies the same consistent look and feel.

From your website to offline materials, we breathe new life into your brand identity, ensuring a powerful and consistent presence across every digital touchpoint. Whether it's your website, landing pages, digital campaigns, or product portfolios, we apply your brand identity with precision and creativity.

Get to the market faster. Go beyond the surface and delve into the heart and soul of your market

Unlock Your Audience's Potential

Tailored Positioning Strategies for Maximum Impact. We specialize in diving deep into audience analysis. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, and thorough market research,  we uncover valuable insights into demographics, behaviors, and preferences.

Competitor Research

Outpace Your Competition. We believe there is more to a competitor analysis than who they are, and where they operate. With access to comprehensive information about your competitors, you can gain deep insights into their strategies; strengths, and weaknesses.

PR That Cuts Through the Noise

Public relations is no longer restricted to media, analyst, or shareholder audiences.  Today, it is an omnichannel, cross-platform that cuts across media; influencers; bloggers; analysts, and end users. It is why at Lathyrus, we talk about redefining the boundaries of PR, breaking free from the conventional. Our goal is to redefine your brand’s narrative.

Content With Purpose

There is an old adage that content is king, but we believe that content without purpose, is just noise.  At Lathyrus, content is a pivotal element of user experience, from effective copywriting, illustration, 2D and 3D graphics, Iconography Design and animation and video production capabilities, we are able to bring your vision to life.

Your vision. Your Ideas. Our expertise

Industry Market Insight Reports

Keep ahead of the competition and stay informed about market trends with Lathyrus' comprehensive marketing insights reports.

Explore a range of market insights reports tailored to meet your business needs:

Lathyrus Top 50 Fintech Report: Stay updated on the top players and emerging trends in the dynamic fintech industry with our in-depth analysis.

Lathyrus Top 50 Crypto Casino Report: Gain valuable insights into the trends, innovations, and key players shaping the blockchain gaming landscape.


From conducting an in-depth global competitor analysis to shaping the very pillars of a thorough website audit, we've left no stone unturned.


Reviving a Beloved Brand: Transforming Tradition into Fintech Innovation

The remarkable journey of rejuvenating a beloved brand into a vibrant, youthful fintech powerhouse. We embarked on a quest, analyzing fifty competitors in depth, reimagining messaging, design architecture, and transforming the customer onboarding and user journeys.


Pioneering the Future of Blockchain Investment: Unleashing Crypto20 to the World

Creation of a groundbreaking GTM (Go-to-Market) launch strategy for the world's first tokenized index fund, Crypto20. Through successful PR, Influencer, and DSP protocols we achieved an astounding 86 million USD investment in this revolutionary fund.

Why Lathyrus Should Be Your Ultimate Strategic Partner

We offer more than just strategic agency services; we provide a pathway to your brand's remarkable transformation. What sets us apart is that our clients gain direct access to industry pioneers and experts to guide your journey


Our extensive experience working with startups has cultivated agility, while our engagements with enterprise companies have honed our project management approach. Collaborate with Lathyrus for a partnership that combines adaptability and profitable project execution.


Lathyrus stands as the ultimate choice in strategic agency partnerships because our work consistently exemplifies excellence. Our strategic work and designs are not only exceptional; they are built to effortlessly scale and support your long-term business objectives.

Our Capabilities



Strategy, Architecture, Naming, Verbal Identity, Visual Identity, Guidelines, Brand Experiences



Advertising solutions, Global PR network, Affiliate, KOL Marketing, Social Media



Art Direction, Illustration & Graphic Design, Iconography, Animation, Photo & Video, 3D



Guerrilla Marketing, Community building, Competitions, Promotions


Strategic Insights

Crypto Casinos, Fintech, Web3, Blockchain, Payment Technologies


Web Development

Domain origination, Website design, Webflow development

What Our Clients Have To Say

Thomas is a visionary leader with a deep understanding of the power of branding to drive business success. He has a remarkable ability to craft compelling brand strategies that resonate with customers and differentiate our company in the marketplace. His keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to excellence ensured that every aspect of our brand, from messaging to visual identity, was executed flawlessly.

Sean Sanders

CEO, Altify

Dominique has always been someone I have admired, looked up to and most recently have learnt from. Her decades' worth of experience in driving tech PR forward, has in many ways shaped my aspirations and love for technology. Dom provides calm, honest and insightful counsel. A rare skill in the world where often PR is confused with ER.

Natassia Badenhorst

Africa External Communications Manager

Singularity the best in marketing strategy. Thomas is exceptionally thorough with a keen eye on the bigger picture and finer details. He has the ability to translate complex technology into pragmatic go-to-market strategies.

Waldick Herbst

COO, Locstat

Honestly only good things to say on Thomas, he is 1000% genuine. He shaped the strategy for 10bet to take crypto into the twenty year old heritage brand.

Tzvi Shishler

CEO, 4Kings